Just Keep Trying, And One Day It Will Happen

August 4, 2013 § 1 Comment

Dandayamana Bibhaktapada Paschimottanasana. Or you could just say Standing Separate Leg Stretching. This is a posture that I am so committed to improving, so in the past couple of weeks I have paid extra attention to every word of the dialog during class. It sounds like a very basic thing to do – to listen to the words that the instructor is uttering. But sometimes in class, with the intensity, and the postures leading into the current one, it could be quite challenging. In order to attain my goal in this posture, I discussed the posture with the instructors before class, explaining the current challenge that I was facing. I did this so that they could watch out for me in class, and provide any extra tip that would help me.
The goal of the posture is to separate the feet at least four feet apart, and touch the forehead to the floor, in between the feet. In order for this to happen, I have to lock my knees, grab my heels from behind, suck my stomach in, then begin the journey of touching my forehead to the floor.
I have heard the instructors repeat the words, “just keep trying, and one day it will happen.” Well, one day my forehead just baaaaarely grazed the fabric of my towel. I was super excited about this, and got even more ambitious. I stretched down harder…and then I fell out of the posture. I almost tumbled and hit the person next to me. Still, I was very excited about pushing past my limit. I have been getting progressively better, and today, Day 45, I recorded my progress. Neither pose is perfect, but I am making progress. The picture  on the left below is from Day 31, and the one of the right is from today, Day 45. I will keep trying, and one day it will happen.



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  • Taja says:

    One day I’ll have the patience to do this. One day. I just wrote a blog post about wanting to try yoga and the frustration of not knowing what I’m doing and while not having the patience to wait for something to happen (the results). I wouldn’t even know what to look for.

    I see what you’re going for, though. That’s cool. :-)

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